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He said you don't go to school for 7 years and go to debt $200k to be a musician. He is right. You don't have to even finish high school to be a super pro musician, as Ke$ha proved.
Ke$ha is a fluke. You can't judge most musician's careers by Ke$ha.

She made it because of her mother's insider contacts in the industry and because she's a pretty face that's easy to merchandize. And also because she's a writer who is able to write hits for other top pop artists like Miley Cyrus. (Who, of course, is another one who made it on the strength of family connections.)

It could easily be argued that because of her mother's show business involvement she spent her ENTIRE LIFE preparing for her career - not a mere seven years.

And all of her stuff has been done in professional studios with a high ticket professional team. She's not one of you bedroom recordists playing with Garageband.

A very poor example to choose to support your case for amateur music.