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We were talking about whether musicians worked hard when you entered the discussion.
Someone posted a video of Buddy Rich working hard, so I made a sarcastic comment that drumming is easy.

Then you tried to make a seemingly serious point that drumming is easy.
I'm interested in discussing how average musicians work hard, hard enough to get paid properly when people consume their work.
I'm not interested in discussing how easy it is to bang something in a vague rhythm. Therefore I continued the sarcastic tone with you.
See, here's the matter how you interpret the conversation (serious, light, whatever) it's kind of impossible to reasonably make the case that my statements did anything but agree with what you were saying. Citing Buddy Rich only deepens the agreement—how many people can do what he did? Unless you are saying that your statement that both of the things I asserted were untrue was sarcasm...if that is what you are saying, then I misinterpreted and I accept the fault.