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Then you tried to make a seemingly serious point that drumming is easy.
I'm interested in discussing how average musicians work hard, hard enough to get paid properly when people consume their work.
I'm not interested in discussing how easy it is to bang something in a vague rhythm. Therefore I continued the sarcastic tone with you.
Though not aimed at me, your answer above is directly related to what I tried to say in my last post:

You seem to imply that 'working hard' at say drums makes one deserve getting paid. While we could have a very long discussion now about what makes great drumming in popular music that's not my point.

Fact is that you judge 'value' and may think 'This guy is technically great and obviously did practice a lot so he deserves getting paid'. But the exactly same thing happens in the mind of the people downloading songs: 'It's just a file so how can it have value?'.

Spotify is a way of making you feel like you get 'value' by sheer volume, either by paying a monthly fee or enduring lesser resolution and annoying ads with a free account. It's clearly a step above illegeal downloading but it can't solve the problem per se of artists not gettin paid because it is really not possible to make serious money off it even if you're on top of the charts.

You need to realize the difference to traditional radio broadcasts or mechnical licenses where more money is being paid because the process is selective: A radio station is in control of what they play (or the corporation behind it is...) so the 'roster' is very limited vs. the millions of songs on Spotify.

So trying to raise the fees, money being paid is laudable but doesn't solve the situation in the least. IMO we need NEW ways of selling music and I only see that in the sense of putting across a 'package' of sorts and it certainly involves performing in most cases.

Basically what Billy Corgan said and what I agree with despite NOT being a fan of the man's music.