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It's not a waste of time and energy to push for better rates from Spotify.
If enough artists pushed, Spotify might be shamed into raising their rates of remuneration.
These are big companies. Spotify is CEO'ed by an ex-Google employee in Australia, and I'm sure she's remunerated handsomely.
It's never good to sit back and let companies kick you in the guts.
That's not what I meant. Of course 'we' should push for higher rates but you need to realize that difference between streaming and selling physical products.Of course they can't pay even 20 cents per play because otherwise everybody would have folks sitting at their computers adding up clicks.

I hardly ever bought even single songs from iTunes because IMO it's too expensive fro what you get. I rather buy a CD that is in most cases cheaper and of course so much more flexible and informative even given the fact that CDs are very poor in that regard compared to vinyl albums.

'Legal Downloads' are the next step down, no wonder folks aren't willing to spend money on it! I don't know why this is so hard to understand for most people. A product needs packaging and a 'frame' - VALUE to most of us and if you whine about the 'purity' of music now well then realize that pop/rock music was never 'pure' to begin with and why should you NOT expect the sort of 'packaging' that is common for most any product you buy whether it's a candy bar or an art book.

Streaming is just a fundamentally different way of distributing music and that's where we really are clueless. Or do YOU have the solution? What is clear to me is that the real money for an artist has to come from elsewhere and the only way I see at the moment is a kind of 'super album' that would combine a physical playback medium like a CD with access to streaming and the whole artwork, visual content.

What I mean is something that goes way beyond the CD format, whatever that would be......

And even though I have zero reason or interest in defending Spotify, you don't have to be there. There are still many artists that don't license their music there but I have a feeling that most will do eventually. And if you DO pay for it (like I did with the Premium Account') its really the first modest step to improve the situation because the money to distribute has to come from SOMEWHERE.