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Well neither of those points is particularly true.

Give me a room full of willing 40 year old soccer moms and some percussion instruments and within an hour we'll have a drum circle playing some steady beats. I'd call that pretty easy.

On the other hand, take the bottom 80% of halfway serious drummers in the world and put them in the studio with, say, Lenny Kravitz and they will end up not making the session. The top 20% will slug it out and only a small handful will have the exact feel that Kravitz wants, and only one will get the gig. Drumming at that level is hard and not many people are good enough to get enough work to stay in it for very long.

Now, which one of these claims do you find false?

Just an aside...I know this is the internet and all, but you seem to disagree on here maybe more than most entirely for the sake of disagreeing. Well, that and the chance to use a disapproving emoticon.