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Old 5th June 2012
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paypal is changing their "business rules" and terms of business again to avoid legal cases and squeeze as much money and data out of their victims (aka "customers") as possible.

they reserve themselves the right to limit the payments to the seller. so it happens that the seller sold something for e.g. $4000.- and paypal decided not to forward the whole amount to him but rather to allow him to withdraw up to $500.- per month.

in my specific case they withhold money somebody paid me and pretended to do any weird security checks for weeks, leaving me waiting without any reliable information and collecting interest on MY money.

yes, they are allowed to do that and they really do that, it's not just a hypothetical possibility.

you may think twice of doing business through such a company and even paying them hefty fees for such a "service". feel free to read their terms of business and consider what that actually means. more and more people try to stay away from such a "company" these days.
they turn your arm around and smile in your face while doing that. and ask you for some money on top.

possible payment alternatives exist from google, amazon or the reliable wire transfer from bank to bank.

just my 0.02... good luck