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I didn't had the chance to try the product yet, but the guy who is behind this small company is highly regarded round here. he did services and built stuff for friends studios and they all had nothing but praises, i might be wrong but i think he is the one who actually built Waves Hardware.
any way a friend of mine is buying this and i will do a hearing test so i'll keep you updated.
B.T.W - there is another excellent control room controller by this guy he's also from Israel and i have a few of his product, some of them are amazing (his Sontec clone and 1176/Neve hybrid are pure magic) and his crm module is great.

if youre intrested, he was involved with the build and design of this one of a kind console and i think the CRM module is similar to the one in it.

Good Luck
Dear davidperetz
We don't have any relationship with I.J.Research.
The New Old Sound Ltd. is the company came from Waves Audio Hardware dept. 4 years ago.
We are producing all line of hardware for Waves Audio all this 4 years and design some new products for them, see this;
Small line of our own products available off-the-shelf (see our website) and quite big range of the products we are producing on-demand for studios with special needs. You may be know Eldad Berman from Zolelet.... you can refer to him.