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Sam was my favorite artist to work with, he was amazing in the studio. when we were working on these recordings there was little or no mixing, I used a Tele U47 on his vocals and this is still my preference on vocals. No eq and no compresson, RCA had 5 live chambers and I used them all on this recording. Its hard to find good live chambers thats one of the reasons I love mixing and recording at Capitol, they have 8 live chambers all sounding different. My personal favorite is No. 4. Sam and I became very good friends and Im sorry to say I had dinner with him the night he was shot. If you need more info on this please let me know. Al
Hello Al,

Thanks so much for sharing that.

Even though before my time, Sam has always been a favourite. Such a beautifully unique artist.

I've often thought that many lesser talented artist's of Sam's era received more credit than Sam - also feel his stock will rise over time, with his great just has too.