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Originally Posted by jjigga3000
If it didn't cost so much I'd still use 2 inch cause it sounds good. Does mixing on a SSL or Neve sound better? Sure does, but that's not the sound of today. Just as recording to 2 inch is not the sound of today. But you can tell when someone does. Like Prince. Basically it's the person using the tools and not the tools. Give me a TR 808 a Casio, and a 4 track and I'll still make a hit.
You obviously mean someone who knows what they are doing with a Neve or SSL can make a mix sound great , the desk does'nt actually mix on it's ownheh

Likewise the same person who knows how to do good mixes on an SSL will have a better shot a doing a great ITB mix, because he brings his ears with him , only thing that changes is the platform ! Most of the A list mix guys who choose to mix ITB these day's have a solid grounding in mixing on large format consoles , say it isn't so ?heh