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Regarding Natalie Cole's "Unforgettable: With Love"

Hi Mr. Schmitt,

This question isn't exactly related to engineering, but more in regards to your memory of an individual. From what I understand, you were one of the recording engineers on "Unforgettable, With Love" by Natalie Cole.

There's a little bit of confusion on my part regarding this, but from what I understand Ike Cole played piano on some of the album. Well, my father, George Gaffney did as well. I have his platinum award hanging on my wall in memory of him. You see, he passed away as a result of a stroke in December of 2002 and I don't particularly remember much about him—I'm 17 now, so I was 7 when he passed away.

I'm curious, if you have this knowledge that is, as to what tracks he had played on, and what pianos he used on those tracks—and lastly, what (if anything) you remember about his playing? It's very sentimental to me, so I'd appreciate any knowledge you have about him you have.

Thank you,
Ngaio Nobumoto-Gaffney