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Here for the gear


Thank you to have given me the website link of the "company"

The good thing like you said, they are just near Münich where I live.
I called them this afternoon and they answered me that they don't want to
make any repair cotation neither repair them.

I said I bought these EQs from a "known person in the Hifi world" who mentioned that the EQs come from "his" engineer who said that the EQs are in PERFECT condition with perfect condensator condition.

They said they don't repair equipment bought from Ebay.

The fact is I paid the high price (with the advertising telling the EQs come from a engineer who repaired and checked them) to get into such a situation and neither the seller, neither others "company" are able to be/work as a professional.

This mean, don't buy anymore Siemens V72, V76 Pultec, neither Neve or API because they won't be maintained by the "known" companies.

The question to know if we should buy equipment from these companies sounds also logical to be thought.



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I measured a bunch of exactly those Roederstein axial caps (which you obviously swapped in your EQ) out of my Telefunken M15 and they performed better than any other electrolytic in that format I had here to compare with - after 35 years of use. Sometimes recapping is NOT the solution. But don´t tell the average Gearslut ;-)
Hope you get your K&Hs back to life, though. If you´re from Munich - as your name suggests - then let have a look at your KHs.