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that's absolutely not true. I want you to make it. I'm sorry if it comes across any other way. What I'm telling you is that by not protecting your rights, your odds of making it diminish every day, and are already diminished by at least 50%.

I'm fighting FOR you, not against you. I don't know why being faced with the reality of the situation is offensive to you... well, ok, it should be offensive and that's also why you should understand who is stealing your ability to have a professional career from you, and it's not me.

as I said before, I know in my bones it's harder for your guys than it ever was for me, at least TWICE as hard for you (statistically speaking).

I'm dumbfounded as to why you would gladly turn your career over to internet companies who are going to exploit you for profit, but I'm the bad guy? Seriously?

I spend more time fighting for guys like you than you can image.

BS. You can have a voice. As a creator and an artist you have the most IMPORTANT voice. And it's not Either/or as some would want you to believe.

I do what I do every day, I've adapted and evolved. I'm still standing. I have not given up. I am a part of the current reality because there is no avoiding it, but that doesn't mean I'm going to just stop and give up against the tyranny of tech companies ripping off artists without consent or compensation worse than labels ever did.

I wont' accept that, and I don't think you should either. But hey, like I said, you can lead a horse to water and it's your career...