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PLZZ Help (Need A Pros Advise)

Is there any point in me buying a DAW when I already have NI Maschine and Komplete 8??

Are there any limitations, anything I can't do with these two components that I would be able to do with a DAW?

I know that the producer Noah "40" Shebib strictly uses Pro Tools as his production DAW while producer Hit-Boy uses FL Studios...

So if you think I WOULD benefit from a DAW which one of the two is truly better? (comparison) Appreciate all help and music lovers.

Komplete 8 comes with the following:

Kontakt 5; Reaktor 5; Reaktor Spark; Reaktor Prism; The Finger; Massive; Absynth 5; FM8; Traktor's 12; Reflektor; Vintage Organs; Battery 3; Scarbee A-200; Scarbee Mark I; Scarbee Clavinet/Pianet; New York Concert Grand; Berlin Concert Grand; Vienna Concert Grand; Upright Piano; Guitar Rig 5; Transient Master; Studio Drummer; Discovery Series West Africa; AbbeyRoad 60's Drums; Retro Machines MK2; Scarbee MM-Bass