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Originally Posted by dwbkeys View Post
Well that's unfortunate that this isn't the best neve 3104 module it could be but I'm sure it's better than no eq/pre like my previous situation.

Should I set my switches to AB or A?

But really the more pertinent questions for me were how to get the line in on the back working (i get no sound from those inputs) and when to use the PH button, which unit L or R to press it on.

(More in-detail description of questions in the previous post)

This is the problem when non techs butcher Neve modules.

The 3104 has both mic and line inputs, the mic being the top three pins on the connector and the line below it.

Whoever wired the module should have made connections for both.

You plug into the line input and rotate the gain switch to the line section.

If you slide the side cover off you see a moron has put non-polarized capacitors in there.... Even for dc rail decoupling. The class A is making an amplifier, designed to drive a minimum load of around 1Kohm, into a load of around 70 ohms and I doubt that overworked transistor has a heatsink.

So don't use the class A mod

You could email me and I could put you in touch with someone who could restore the module so it sounded like it was intended to...

You are not listening to that now...

Plus, read up on using recording equipment, there's lots to learn!

PS Re the input on the front... Neve modules never had Di inputs (or needed them) so the manner that socket is wired depends on the reasoning of the rack builder... I would guess it's a 100Kohm resistor into the secondary of the mic transformer so, as you mention, it won't work in the line positions. i believe confusion may exist between the line input (original Neve function) and DI input (an added function). They are not the same.

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