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Lives for gear

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It's intended to be used on vocals, but basically it's pitch to MIDI (with pitch bend and volume) plus four MIDI controlled pitch shifters. It's got two modes, one for ordinary pitch shifting (static or MIDI controlled), and "harmonize" mode where it attempts to detect the input pitch and shift it to the desired notes (set either from the panel or over MIDI). The four pitch shifters are individually controllable, so you can put in a single static tone and use a MIDI keyboard to play chords with it. Especially this mode gets quite weird if you don't send it the kind of signal it's expecting, or apply feedback or whatever. You can even connect the MIDI output to the input for extreme strangeness. I get perverse joy from making the oddest sounds possible from simple gear, so the VP-70 is a real delight. It's a glitch record in a single rack space. I got it for $50. I've attached a sample; it's just the VP-70 and a Casio MT-68.

And speaking of which, the Casio VA-10 is another winner. It's got a similar pitch tracking thing and is even capable of composing its own aleatoric elevator music from talk radio, thanks to its "harmony arranger" feature. I modified mine in a very peculiar way, but haven't finished it.

I've got one of those too. It's ok if you really want an SPX90 for like $30, but mine's collecting dust. The ensemble algorithm is alright. They recycled some of the same chips and algorithms in a number of more useful boxes, like the FX900. But in 2011 I'm not sure they're worth bothering with, at any price.
That sounds awesome! Very cool, man