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If the MTV model worked, why did they stop doing it?
I don't know the answer to that, but I would bet that it has something to do with what was happening with radio at the time. The beginning of the end of radio breaking new artists started with corporate takeovers in the 90s with the 1st legislation signed in (I believe) '91 by Bush Sr. and later in (I believe) '96 by Clinton that did away with restrictions on how many radio stations any one entity could own.

That's when Clearchannel, etc. began buying entire regions' worth of radio stations and formatting them according to minute demographic classifications. New artists and/or songs played per week went down into low single digits. Listener requests gradually became a thing of the past. Radio went from being a force in creating relationships between new artists and fans to being a rather boring shill for "safe bets."

I'm betting that the relationship between the labels and radio also affected the relationship between the labels and Mtv. Also, Mtv pioneered the reality show concept (damn them!) and who can blame them for riding that horse?

I'll say this, though. Seven letters say that Corgan is right about videos still working: Y.O.U.T.U.B.E.