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Back to the future.

You guys are missing one key statement made by Mr. Corgan during this, and several other recent appearances.

So, I'm going to try to steer things back to the origins of the thread rather than beat any dead horses.

He's repeatedly stated that the MTV model works, and that no network is doing that now, nor is there a music video only oriented video website or streaming technology that really works.

Visual components helped with selling music for decades, and now most music is listened too in the background on tiny computer speakers.

It's not dynamic, or immersible, or visually compelling, it's just like music in an elevator that way.

I think Spotify, or Pandora will eventually have to offer a music video streaming service...or another company will have to step up and do it. Not to "save the music industry", but to refocus it a bit. Youtube works, but people can change what they're watching so fast that it's hard to get them to really listen to anything. Forget sales for now, new American legislation that will be starting on July 12th will be hurting torrenting in the states, and the kids of this generation don't know to associate music with money anyway, so more awkward adjustment time toward finding a new system will continue.

Only artists who persevere and make human connections will get anywhere either way. But I like the idea of something modern that's more focused on music video components.

So personally, I'm off to ponder what to do with my "fiefdom" as he put it.