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Couple Q's from a 3104 user

I inherited two from my pops but I'm only a beginner in music as far as EQ/Compression stuff goes. Gettin some good use out of these but I have a few questions in order to fully understand them (atleast on a basic what-does-this-knob-do level).

1) OK. So there's no manual but there is a video on youtube explaining stuff which originally got me oriented.

In that video he explains how there's a line input in the back that allows you to bypass the preamp and just use the EQ. I'm not getting any sound when I do that. The gain knob for the preamp is kinda funny. When using the front 1/4 in inputs nothing can be heard under the the 20db point.
[By the way, I just got these tuned up at analog lab so everything should be in working order]
If you look to the right of 20 db, there's one more notch and then it starts at -10. Then, two notches later: 0. Then two notches later: +10
I'm assuming this is for the back input but none of those settings give me sound.

My cable is an XLR to 1/4" going into a patch bay. Is there a chance that it's either balanced or unbalanced which would cause the problem?

I can't think of what else it could be.

2) There's a switch in the back whose function I'm not sure of. It switches between "Class A fixed" and "Class AB variable". fyi, that didn't fix the 1st problem.

3) I'm unsure of when to use the Phase correction button. Or, should I say, when not to use the Phase button! It always seems to bring out more tone, but as a youngin I suppose I'm susceptible to getting aroused by louder volumes or boosted bass over real "correction" or neutrality.
If (when sampling a stereo source) it's always helpful, then does it matter which of the two units has the phase in and which has it out?
What about summing or just resampling from something I've already worked on in my DAW, will that need another phase correction? Does vinyl need it? Keyboards? etc etc...

Thank so much!!