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V72's modded are great. I'd go a V76 if it were me... that way they intergate perfectly the the U73 compressor.

That said... How about RCA BA21's or Langevin 5116B's or Electrodyne 201A or any old Western Electric pre-amps. More hits were recorded through these than any Beatles records. Wasn't it only their 1st album recorded though the V72's?

Now go listen to Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Patsy Cline or the like to hear what the American equivalent sounded like... I personally prefer the sound of these old American tube pre's to the V72's. YMMV
Hmmm interesting, I'm embarrassed to say I'm not familiar with none of those above lol Are they cards like the V72s? Do you need a rack with proper PSU rigth?