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In addition to what has already been listed, I can remember some Yamaha YH-1s in the control area.
Wow, haven't thought about those in ages...but I owned a pair of YH-100's right around that time. (Used them at home though, not in the studio.)

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The T20 was a big step forward from the 240's and certainly the Beyers. The T20 got loud and had bass, and had a replaceable cord. The cords on the 240's always failed, and were a PITA to fix. The DT100 is just dark... We always gave the T20's to the Bass Players and Drummers. I'm thinking it was more like 1986-88 that the T20 started appearing, with some new Fostex distro in the US. None of them survived the dreaded 5-6 ft drop onto a parquet floor well. If you hit the T20 just right it shattered the ear cups or sheared off the cup mounts.
I worked for a pro audio dealer in '85-86 and our party line on Fostex versus AKG cans was: "The Fostex is easier to repair than the AKG...which is important, because the Fostex is more likely to require repair."