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Glenn and Rod , I have over 30 S-field rooms (like McTwins) around the world , all can be easily tuned after the customers taste and be used as mixrooms ,recording rooms and listening rooms Psychoacousticall they are made to expose everything in the recording using my Time Delay Lines in the nearfield Soft absorbers can be put in the modules if the customer wants less accuracy
I plan to visit McTwins this summer and check if there dedicated room fullfill my S-field concept From there own measurments (the so important sliced ETC curves are perefct both in time and level ) its seems there will be just small adjustments to get the SMT Level 3 Diplom
The S-field concept is evulated by some of the most respected musicians ,mixers and audiophiles and statements just keep dropping in so I think its embarrassing to read "photoshopping (Glenn) and" vivid imagination" (Rod) when you obvious not experints SMT toolbox Until then I suggest you trust SMT statements that keep dropping in
The Varitunes work like phase shifters and are effective enough to skip the mike and just use your ears while you run testtones and adjust the hatch They can also work as passive EQ in the recording room (adjusting some hatches and you go from a dry to a more coloured warm sound)
Just some examples that appeared on a Swedish forum 2 weeks ago V4 on each resonance

before +-9 dB in a 16m2 room

+-4dB 2 V-6 basstrapps

Matts Odemalm