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The desktop definitely responds to CC 64 or else a sustain pedal would not work. If you are using a controller just define one of the buttons/pads as a toggle of CC 64 so each time you hit it it changes state.

If this is too much trouble then just put a book on your sustain pedal ;-)
Thanks for your response. I sure was hoping for something more elegant than this....inside the architecture of the Blofeld. Blofeld, as most Waldorf synths, are uniquely suited for drone and ambient type soundscapes. Having some sort of gate switch or VCA level parameter would be huge here. Of course, they DID think of it, on the BloKey version. And it bugs me that its IN the BloDesktop version settings, but apparently not accessible in the case of the desktop version. I wish they made it addressable in a "soft" way. Anyways, sometimes there can be other tricks in opening up or bypassing envelopes, etc., none of which are working for me here. So I guess a "book on your sustain pedal" may have to be it....which is of course pretty cheesy in implementation. Thanks again.