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Why ?

The 'Why' I dont understand is, 'Why' don't these 'High End' forum enthusiast's that don't believe(or cant hear) any differences in some cables, go over to the 'Mastering' forum, and explain to those guys that they cant possibly be hearing any difference between all those cables they have been auditioning all of these years, because all cables will null ?

Anyway, Anghello thanks for the test files. I listened with headphones thru laptop, and didnt hear much difference in 1,2,3 but 4 is poor quality compared to the first three. IMHO.
I should listen thru my Lavry and speakers.

My name is Gary.
And I hear difference's in some cable.
I can quit anytime I want.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion, experience, or sense of hearing, and my intention is not to hurt anyone's feelings.
Thank you! And please let me know your Lavry stuff reference. Thats hard to hear any difference even on very expencive gear and IMHO impossible on notebooks. Even if those files are nulled ... me and my friend-muscian picked the same file from blind test for several times. Somehow.. I dont know how. We heard more definition and less digitality in it. It was not audible at all but how did we choose the same file? Like instruments are more defined and better placed in stereo? I cant hear things different way in frequency range and dynamics. Its impossible to say why its better or if. Maybe its eletricity and temperature of the gear? But burn-in was done properly. Tracks was mastered/mixed - mean knobs and faders were warmed. Rack is placed in the same correct magnetic field. But something was there. Maybe its just my emotions because human ears are not working constantly.. they hear each tone different way each time.. thats why blind testing with bunch of pros on this forum seems as interesting idea. But maybe there is no difference at all. I must say there is an audiable difference at low latency monitoring mode in pro tools.. but if there is difference in master itself? That is the question.

Thank you.