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How can you make the the Blofeld desktop "drone" (infinite sustain)? On the keyboard version, I see there is the "free button" which can be set to latched sustain. In fact, the desktop version has this setting its in OS....but alas, no button! Most synths, I have found, have a way to cause the synth to drone/sustain, without resorting to masking tape on the incoming controller keyboard. Perhaps its an envelope/gate setting, such as on a Voyager, or most DSI synths (VCA level). I've been working with the Blofeld for a few weeks now and I have yet to find such a setting. Does Blofeld desktop respond to CC Sostenuto? Any tricks in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

The desktop definitely responds to CC 64 or else a sustain pedal would not work. If you are using a controller just define one of the buttons/pads as a toggle of CC 64 so each time you hit it it changes state.

If this is too much trouble then just put a book on your sustain pedal ;-)