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5K $ for AES cable is crazy!!! Really CRAZY...almost illegal


Can you tell us more how you did the shootout?
What was connected with the digital cables you've mentioned?


Sure. First master made on custom 96/24 AD/DA wich is made with quite fast computer chip with quite good clocking and just direct signal path without any "colouring" process. Thats why it sounds bit digital but doesnt hide anything by adding any "high-end" distortion. It has AES, Cinch, Toslink outputs and inputs on it plus dither function. When I switch to Cinch or Toslink only one output is available... means when I switch to Cinch - only RCAs are active, When I switch to Toslink only toslink..

routing is: 88.2khz DAW-DA-Compressor-Equalizer-Saturator-Equalizer-console re-routing-Level control-limiter-AD-Dithering-DAW-Pro tools ugly resampler back to 44.1.

Mix is done:
DAW, running 6 outputs to the small console/eq and 2 channels from DA to the tube compressor and then to the rare type equalizer with tube drive/saturation function back to the mixer for summing plus air added by lexicon via sends/returns.. then signal goes to the pair of 1073 for little colour then back to the AD.

Balanced cabels are used and power supply is cutomized. Quite old Tubes used but does what they should after burn in but still bit noisy in my opinion.

Ohh.. yeah.. cabling is different. I have some very expencive custom cables (top neutrik connection/top tasker cabling/best guy I know) side by side with cheap 5buks ballanced china Stagg simple thing In fact I must agree there is a tiny little difference when I use 200 buks 2m Vovox versus china 15m long cable when heavy independence condenser mic is driven by 60-75db .. But in my experience Vovox is just adding some round tone shaping to the signal and making it bit vintage colored without to much hi-end.. its good and I like it (adding some special tone shaping by distortion of the signal) but Adam Hall guyz are just cleaner and proper. Cable must be well shielded and build like a tank to hold bad owners like me - thats all you need.

Hot signals I run via custom colored cables because it adds little different atomosphere/distortion to the master.. but it does not matter - really. Most effective is to work in proper gain stages then running for stupido "upgrades".

When I push bypass botton and run nice headroom signal thru more then 22 circuits(!!) and 10 cable routing connection paths back.. even with non bypassed channel eq and console THD there is no audiable difference to my ears. Much bigger difference is wav-mp3 difference. In fact you can get a 2000 buks cabling set to your studio and convert mp3 with some Format Factory or sample rate convert it via ableton or any non proper encoder with phase distortion and incorrect passband! Cheek this! Thats really crazy! SRC Comparisons

In both cases I let hardware burn in for half an hour made a quick work on it (especially i dont like the master.. but dont have time to re-do it yet) and plug Cinch to DAW/record.. then Toslink 1/record, then Toslink 2/record.

PS: only one plug used in both samples is -0.3db fader in PT 8. I dont use plugins.

God bless guyz. Hope this would help to aim on more important problems in our business.