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Here for the gear

I was personally NOT so excited to change them, but they exploded after few hours of working. In addition considering the price I paid for the EQs and considering the fact that the Ebay description was saying that the condensator are in perfect condition... The seller said I did a mistake connecting the EQs...
I did EXACTLY what he said!!!
Well, do you know where can I find these Roederstein condensators?



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I measured a bunch of exactly those Roederstein axial caps (which you obviously swapped in your EQ) out of my Telefunken M15 and they performed better than any other electrolytic in that format I had here to compare with - after 35 years of use. Sometimes recapping is NOT the solution. But don´t tell the average Gearslut ;-)
Hope you get your K&Hs back to life, though. If you´re from Munich - as your name suggests - then let have a look at your KHs.