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Yeah, I'm a bitch that way...I don't buy/keep anything without a solid A-B.

But, once I get get gear I like, I leave it be for a LONG'm in a painful transition right now, but considering the way recording fidelity is going, getting spendy right now might be a wise thing...if I just buy a "get me though this transition phase" system, when I go for another in a few years, you (speaking collectively) may have decided that 320 mp3 is best for tracking...and that Apple earbuds gen5 are the defactor target monitors...and that "automix algorithms" take the guesswork out of getting proper mix balance...

Can you tell I'm getting old and cynical?
If you can handle selecting an enclosure, installing the jacks and wiring and deal with the switching, Shallco will make a stepped attenuator to your spec (dB change on each step) using 1% precision resistors. Keep the cable length reasonable and it will be excellent. Should be under $200 for the whole thing, and it will be precisely built to your spec. This is a product line they bought from Daven in the mid-60s with a long track record of service in audio applications.