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All three. Radial support said they knew there was a 6db level loss...which I suppose could account for some perception of high end loss...but, not for the distortion. If anything, feeding 6db less to the powered monitors should result in less distortion.

I honestly don't know what to do. I looks like to get analog master section features...the next step up is the over $1k level--Dbox, Coleman QS8, and the UBK stuff, which honestly I'd take off the table because it sits on the table. This Radial worked ergonomicaly because it sits flat, but is addressed from the sides--thus it can sit up under the LED.

I really find it amazing that there's no solid product for this at less than those expensive units--I guess I could just get an ATTY and do the rest (dim/mono/sp select) digitally in the Cubase "control room".