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Old 27th April 2012
Here for the gear

maybe you guys can help..
I've had a pretty good experience with Ergo so far. (with just a set of powered speakers) - I am a little unsure on how to hook up the system I'm hoping for.
I want to set up two sets of speakers: A set with sub and a B set without sub. So, signal to sub woofer first then to A's. And have B's separate for reference. (I have a switcher to shut the sub off if I need it) Now. Do I run cables to the sub then to A's? Do I run Ergo room analysis after that? What do I tell Ergo? - that I'm using a sub?
Will I then after checking the room with A's, will I check the room with the B set?
The instructions on this are pretty vague...
I'm afraid I made this system too complicated and now I'm not sure what to believe acoustically.
Any help appreciated.