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I gotta say "Toys in the Attic" is one of my all time favorite records! Any advice for using a Rocktron Banshee talk box? I have never owned a guitar amp (though I've had 19 of my songs get radio play), but like using a Line PodXT for amp modeling. My results with the Banshee have been mediocre, wondering if you have any advice for someone with a modest home studio (Korg D3200 hard disc recorder and Cubase LE4). I use a audio technica PR335 mic. My talk box doesn't sound half as good as Joe Perry, Frampton, Joe Walsh, etc.
On "Toys", it wasn't a Banshee talk box that was used. I don't remember the actual device, but I seem to remember it was pretty primitive (but very effective), at that time. I've investigated the Banshee, and for the convenience factor, it sounds pretty good to me. Try some different mics. You should also go to You Tube. You may get some insight there.