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Hi Jay, first off thank you for doing this.

I was curious about the guitar tones on Aerosmith toys in the attic and Rocks LPs. I feel those tones on those records were way before their time and when you hear them still 30 years later they are as fresh and crisp as ever. Do you recall what mics you used? I read somewhere Toys was tracked on a Spectrasonics desk and you guys used an API at the old A. Wherehouse is that accurate?

Thanks so much

I generally used 3 mics on each amp. 57, 421 and either a Sony C-37 or C-38. Between the band's and Record Plant's collection of fine guitar amps, it made it easy to get some cool sounds. Toys was tracked, for the most part, on a Spectradonics console. Rocks was recorded using a Dimideo desk. Like the Spectrasonics, it wasn't elaborate or fancy, but it was clean.