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Old 20th April 2012
no idea on the price.

I recorded DI guitar yesterday (ESP => Avenson DI => Weiss A1 => Mytek ad 96 => KUASSA cream guitar plugin).

wonderful! the deesser acts sort of dynamic eq and tames the annoying kling klang klong from the string attack.

I've never had such a good DI signal coming from a guitar.

Then I recorded female voice again. upper midrange heavy. (voice => Violet Amethyst => Weiss A1 => mytek ad 96). same pleasing ****! even without the desser the signal is detailed, balanced, just wonderful to mix afterwards. I tried to slam the **** out of the signal while recording with a 1176 (rev. H) and it's just great.

sorry for all the bull**** great talk, but I am again impressed by the quality of this preamp.

next: recordign heavy guitars. my prefered one is the daking IV.

will report back.