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Old 13th April 2012
Here for the gear
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Ok, Did some experimenting on the ergo !

Found a way to update the ergo (it wasn't updating the firmware on my MP with 10.7.3) so i found a MBP that runs 10.6.8 and updated the ergo with the latest firmware. Glad that worked, but it didn't help!

i took the MBP to install and calibrate the ergo all over but that also didn't do any. Checked my cables, and they work fine with my other sound card. So it leaves me with the only option that the outputs of the ergo are the problem. Both A+B ports don't give any sound but that awful squeaking noise. When trying to calibrate it doesn't even produces the test tones. So i guess it is the hardware that is disappointing me instead of the software.

any clues on what to do with it? is there any way to get this ergo running again?

Looking forward to any reply.