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Yes it always comes down to changes, you learn that pretty quickly in the Kepner Tregoe Analytical Troubleshooting course.

OK you didn't really miss it, but this is one of those changes that often happens without realizing it and uninstall-reinstall doesn't help, all you know is 'you didn't do anything' and it worked earlier.

Actually that could happen to me without me "doing something"

I do not allow automatic system updates - never have and never will.

Microcrap operating systems modifications tend to suck - and they love to do things to your system that I will not allow - so I check their updates very carefully and only install those that I find will either fix one of the many bugs they introduce (either in the initial design or happily throw in to screw things up along the way) or something that I believe will benefit me personally and not them in any manner.....

So I always know exactly when an update has taken place - and have my system set up so I can return to my previous state in the even that something strange happens.

This goes back to my days as a Unix SA - leave nothing to chance,