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Originally Posted by BriHar View Post
You forgot one other thing Rod,
Sometimes an update is required for the software in question to keep it compatible with changes in the operating system or one of it's components due to updates.
Sometimes said software update doesn't exist because they haven't done any compatibility checks. But check their (Krk's) Homepage, Service and Forums if they have them to see if this is a known problem.
That's a good point Bri, and it certainly might be a solution to a problem.

But it wasn't something I necessarily missed - I addressed 3 specific issues that create the problem - changes (whether in the operating system or hardware) was one of the causes I listed.

I didn't bother mentioning anything regarding updates because he said that he had installed (to the best of his knowledge) all of the updates and firmware.....

If there was a system update that screwed up the works and no fix for the software - then his only recourse would be to roll back the system to the last configuration the software worked with.