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Well, I guess right now it's a tossup between Prodipe and D5. The prodipe is 8 inches, so it probably has better bass? And I don't know if it's just vogue right now, but people seem to be into the ribbon tweeter? Nothing but good things about the D5, huh? Lol, not wishing for them to be bad, I just think that it's more telling to ask people about problems they've had than if they think the gear they own is awesome. We all like our own gear, lol.
I agree, most people love the gear they own. I purchased the D5s back in mid December and after two weeks I had no interest in returning them back to Equator. Is there anything wrong with them? Nothing that I am aware of. They were very bright when I first got them but they settled after 3-4 days. I do not mix loudly so their lack of volume does not bother me. I can tell you this as well, I`m coming from working with Mackie HR824s since 1998 and I never put them back on after the D5s were plugged in. The Mackies are sitting in the corner, being prepped for eBay.

Comparing the two, the Mackies were a lot louder and as much as I was always impressed with the low end on the 824s, I never felt the bottom end of my mixes ever sounded the way I wanted it to, I always had to use headphones and do several tweaks. With the D5s, I`m nailing the bass the first time. Its really nice to trust a pair of monitors. The stereo imaging is also clearer and transients are heard a lot clearer as well. For some reason, the 824s almost sound muddy to me now.

My advice with any gear purchase is the same, try several pieces and see what works for you. Don`t let price or other peoples opinions sway your first impressions. And when it comes to monitors, they all deserve several days to settle.