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Old 10th April 2012
I think you will have a hard time finding another pair of monitors for $300 that are as balanced. If you have a $1000, you should consider several others... look at the DynAudios... fantastic monitors and if you`re room is balanced, they are good enough for MEs so...

Whatever the case, the D5s deserve a listen as well. For $300, they`re a steal
I'm going to actually have $2500, to put this in perspective. For the first time in years, I'm actually going to have some time to play with audio equipment, and I'm moving in with my drummer (and a mutual friend who's a remarkably good sport he says "no drumming after 3:00 am", lol) I decided it's time to sack up and invest in music a bit.
So actually replacing my broken interface(new one is a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40), and currently working on mics (two SDC's, and the DMK 57-52 pack) all that comes roughly a grand. That's also my budget. So whatever I spend on this is technically over budget. I've never not mixed on headphones and it's been a while since I've mixed more than 2-3 tracks. I need a good baseline set of monitors. The D5's marketing plan of cutting out the middle man is a good sales pitch and probably does improve the available quality vs price. However, even for $50 more the Prodipes might be more what I'm looking for? They certainly scored higher on GS reviews. (96% mean score as opposed to 92% mean score. More telling is the mode, 98% on the prodipes, and 88% on the D5's) I also just noticed Bater recommended them over his own gear. What a truly wonderful person! Sometimes people insist that they have the best equipment regardless of what it is. (... like insisting that a $10 mic sounds as good as my KEL HM7U... so then... I just really enjoy spending money?? lol) Since both of these are less popular and less hyped products, I'm having trouble finding a ton of literature. Anyone tried both? The prodipes appear the winner without a personal shootout of them. Thanks GS.