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Old 9th April 2012
Equator D5 - Is there anything better?

So for a price/utility ratio, is there anything better than the D5? I'm working on a large (but budget, don't really want to go too far over $1000) upgrade for my system. They're $300, and I've heard nothing bad about them. Right now I'm working with just ATH M50's, but I should be moving into a treated space is the next couple months, so I think it's time to get a pair of monitors. I've been drooling over VXT6's for a while, and while I could afford them, that money is needed elsewhere. I feel like for the price, if they're the functional equivalent of a VXT 6, HS80m or used NS10's then I would get them instead of something like a Makie MR5 mkII. I know there are a lot of posts on monitoring, but it's also a huge subject and an important one with a lot of intricacies. So if anyone has had problems with the D5's or a better suggestion for the $300-400 price range, I'm all ears.