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Old 8th April 2012
I have a pair of Blue Bottles that I really dig. B6 capsule is great for overheads, vocals, etc. A good all-arounder. B7 doesn't really do it for me. B0 is cool for hyped vox. B4 is killer for room mics.

We also have a Telefunken U48. I've only had this for a few weeks, but it's kicking serious ass. Mono drum room (in front of kit and behind kit, both sound great), acoustic guitar, and of course, vox. As a vocal mic, I prefer it to the vintage 47 we had. Also, the figure-8 pattern is waaaay more useful than the 47's omni pattern, IMO.

The M149 is nice, but I'd take either the Bottle or the Telefunken over it.

If you want a thicker, vintage vocal sound, the Telefunken is tough to beat. If you want something more modern sounding, and with greater variety, the Bottle is a no-brainer.