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Tobias Guitars in Downers Grove (I believe) Illinois represents one of the last of
the amazing customer experience. He'll do a setup at an hourly price. Meaning, he'll give you the works, and charge you about two or three bucks per guitar.

Elderly is one of the larger cats I like to deal with.

I just bought a Phoenix DRS from Mercenary Audio. I paid online, got an e-mail notification, no problem.

Sweetwater, on the other hand, well....
If you're staying out of state for a year, never make the mistake of using your father's home as a permanent address. Otherwise, you'll find him befuddled into thinking you've stolen his money, whilst finding yourself explaining to your bank that you did not try stealing money from your own personal bank account.

Guitar Center, Sam's Ass? I could write a 20,000 page trilogy.