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Originally Posted by Andi Rauscher
Hi all!

What do you think of a Roland V Drum Set with Mesh Heads, going into BFD instead of a real Drum Kit?

Because of space and noise matters I am not able to reacord a real Drumset in my Studio; so I thought this may be a good idea since I already get very good results with BFD, but we have to program it with a keyboard and the mouse.... not very drum-like!

If I had a Midi Set, a real Drummer would be able to play it... no more programming!
and editing is easier as well....

...just looking for opinions and ideas!

Cheers, Andi

I know your problem. I have a protools setup in a townhouse myself. I also have an acoustic kit and a ddrum electronic kit. I can record the real drums in the daytime when everyone is at work and the ddrums for nighttime tracking and rehearsing via headphones.
If it was a project that am taking seriously it's the yamaha RCs all the way, although the ddrum4 brain sounds are pretty good right out of the box. I also have triggers for the brain on the acoustic kit when I want to blend drum sounds,
You can get the ghosted notes, accents and nuances on a pad set that's almost impossible to tap out on a keyboard.
I am a drummer and I don't mind playing the pads, it's just not quite the same.
good luck!