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Originally Posted by Feinstrom
Any thoughts about the Dynacord DRP-20?
That's the highest end reverb I have.
Not weird or bizarre, but plain good, detailed and smooth reverb.
I like the DRP-20 a lot and agree that it's good and smooth.
I like the previously mentioned Dynacord DRS-78 as well, but it's the opposite of the DRP-20-- claustrophobic and the closest thing to a concrete bunker I've heard, and I mean that in a good way. It makes everything sound like instant Joy Division.
Another sleeper is the AKG ADR-68K. It a 2 rackspace engine with remote from the early 80's or so. I believe it was very high end at the time and it sounds fantastic. Google it and you'll find a bunch of very nice opinions.
I'll also put in votes for the Yamaha E1010 (my favorite of the racked analog delays, very dark and warm), all of the Roland tape delays (particularly the RE-301 with chorus and spring reverb) and, above all, the giant AKG BX-20 spring. The BX-20 is simply amazing, especially when I give it a little pre-delay from the E1010.