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Originally Posted by squeegybug
Klark Teknik DN780 can fit that. Digital, but doesn't sound like it. Excellent plates. "Alive" setting is definitely unique. And it has cool options for sampling with the "Infinite Rooms".

And Eventide 2016 - stereo rooms are great.

Both of those are so easy to use too, best interfaces I've seen in any FX processors.

The first time I used the 2016 it made my "want" list...loved the tones & the interface. I don't want 5000 presets & parameters on a 'verb...just a couple three good tones & basic controls.

If you're looking for "weird" look into old '80's boxes; Korg, Roland, even Electro Voice made rackmount digital 'verbs & some of them are TRULY bizzare...

I dig stuff like that but having one or two really good 'verbs around is a nessacity IMO. Too bad all the hardware units are either disappering or getting ludicriously expensive...there's not much left between the $300 toys and the $6K+ relm...I'd LOVE to see something like a single engine 480L stylee 'dial-a-verb' for $1500.