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cheers stefan, i love that there's smart people out there making software that promotes the importance of thick/rich/juicy/interesting harmony! regardless of whether or not it becomes a bestseller, it's cool that you guys are developing this.

sincerely hope it catches on with whichever crowd you intend to market it to. (although i'm still not sure exactly who that is?)

all the best.
People like me is who!!!

Anyways I'm still interested in this product, although I'm over the trail period I to choose to buy it now, I'm not entirely convinced it did/does what I'm after well enough. Much of the time I didn't notice it 'correcting' any of my harmonies, but it was useful for changing chords that is true.

I also didn't get into the live use of the program.... The price is steep, for IMO those who are actual composers take their work very seriously, even writing scores of the music for sight reading...

I think if there was a good sale I'd buy it up, but I'm not convinced it's not abandon-ware. But I still think it's useful, that's why I'm still interested...