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Old 25th June 2006
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latency is a drag

so how come noone has come up with a fast interface to convert analog trigger signals from e-drums into ITB sampler/BDF/DFH signals?

the sound modules from the likes of Alesis/Roland/Yamaha/D-Drum etc all trigger their digital sounds very quickly... but none of them offer a NON-MIDI (!!!!) interface to trigger the new big bad boy Romplers. Seems crazy to me... everyone seems to have to do these stupid workarounds (such as monitoring from the sound modules), and drummers are the ones who need low/zero latency more than anyone (ok apart from vocalists). MIDI is simply not able to do this, with conversion times, single instruction bandwidth etc etc.

if anyone knows of a device which takes an e-drum trigger and converts it via USB/Firewire WITHOUT going through sign language conversion, please let us know!

or what do you think is the best compromise currently available (for example which proprietory sound module most readily allows user samples to be loaded? this would allow BDF/DFH sounds to be sampled and then triggered within the module).

yes - acoustic drums have their advantages and avoid these issues, but that's not the point...