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i really appreciate all of your feedback guys!

I have been doing alot of research on this topic, and it seems like most people perfer the 50s with a sub over the 80s. People are saying the 50s with the sub are better for more accurate mixing and have more accurate bass response then just the 80's alone.

I actually got to listen to both the yamaha and the krk10s subs today and im really liking the krk! I really think the krk sub will help me hear those low frequencies im missing from the 50s!

You're welcome, Thomas! GS (along with some other sites as well) has and still is helping me make great decisions. I'm loving my KRK Sub. I thought I was gonna need a 12 or 15 inch sub but the 10 works well for my area.

Now once I get a new house with my own dedicated studio room that'll be a whole different story then!

For now, here's a pic!

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