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not to rain on the parade here, (this software is a cool idea, and may have some educational value for budding young composers), but i can't see any viable market for it, especially at the suggested price point!
Hi there sound music,

Thanks for your post! I agree with you. With most of your points you're stating the obvious. And that's not at all what we intended Liquid Notes for.

One technical correction here: real-time reharmonization doesn't require online calculations, only the initial harmony analysis does, and only once. We have previously posted explanations why we can't take the analysis algorithms offline.

More complex harmony doesn't necessarily mean conventional harmony from a traditional point of view. Add gradual changes over time, throw in a few "complexity elements" here and there and voilĂ , you've also raised the level of experience for the listener. DJ's do love that. That's how their music works ideally. Time to call National Geographic!

So Liquid Notes is more about computer power and interactivity. For instance, think of a trance piece with 500+ bars of 50+ voices. You're looking for minor harmonic changes but interesting ones that'll keep the track spicy. With Liquid Notes that's done with only a few clicks. It will instantaneously adjust all voices to the new harmony environment. The DAW I/O should remain a side issue.

Presentations of multiple versions on the fly become simple, too. I'm picturing a situation in the studio with clients present and a lot of time pressure on your shoulders.

What hasn't been stressed enough is another live aspect of the software: polyphonic live improv and melody correction. We haven't featured these aspects in our communication yet. We're taking one step after the next.

You've definitely thrown in some interesting thoughts. Products like this will remain in the process of improvement, and we're constantly re-evaluating our strategies with music professionals.