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I'll jump in for a sec!

I recently went to Guitar Center looking for a 10 inch Subwoofer for my setup. I looked online and saw the prices for both. I listened to both models and I liked The KRK better. The sound of The KRK was more detailed than The Yamaha. The Yamaha is 120 watts and The KRK is 150 watts. The KRK has the port at the bottom and The Yamaha has the port in the center. For me, having the port at the bottom (especially when the sub is slightly above my feet on the bottom shelf of my computer stand) works for me. Also, The KRK already has a pad at the bottom of it whereas The Yammy is on "stands." I'm not saying it's a hinderance regarding the's only some things to be aware of. For me I didn't feel or hear the bass in The Yammy like I did The KRK. I also bought a footpedal bypass switch (which the KRK already has the jack in the back to plug up the pedal but I can't speak for The Yammy) so I can bypass the sub to check my mixes.

Can studio monitors (especially 8 inch) be tweaked to provide bass? Sure...especially the new KRK ones that are the 3 way monitors with a 10 inch woofer. However, having a sub and making everything match your space (calibration, volume, etc) makes it sooo much easier to actually hear the bass correctly as I recently found out.

This is all just my opinion. I'm a noob but The KRK works for me with my situation and setup. Your mileage will vary. Your best bet would be to go somewhere where you can listen to both. That way you can make more of a conscious decision and see which will work for you.