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I'm interested in this too. I listened to the HS50s in a store the other day and thought they sounded great compared to my KRK rockit5s. The main problem I have with the KRKs is that they have literally no bass, and just don't translate mixes at all. How do the HS80s go with this? Are they as clear and balanced as the HS50s sounded (to me) but with a more accurate representation of the lows? Because if that's the case I'm sold...
I Think the HS50s are alot Clearer and overall better then the krk rokit 5s in my opinion. But im in the same boat as you, I want to know if the HS80s are as clear and accurate as the HS50s but maybe with better bass response?

I listened to the krk10s sub today and think it has as overall better tone then the Yamaha sub. The yamaha sounds very punchy for some reason to me. So im just curious if i should just go with the 80s instead of a sub? or just keep the 50s and maybe add the krk sub to go along with them?