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not to rain on the parade here, (this software is a cool idea, and may have some educational value for budding young composers), but i can't see any viable market for it, especially at the suggested price point!

- there's no pro level composer anywhere that's gonna take the time to export midi files, then wait for a piece of software to make chordal suggestions on a remote server somewhere!, and then re-import the software's ideas into their sequencer! it's a cumbersome process that would destroy workflow for most: any self-respecting composer could just play/program/audition variations in a few seconds/minutes if they wanted to make changes to their composition. (and what happens if you like the changes!? do you credit the remote server in the liner notes, and split the royalty cheque with it? )

- singer/songwriter types that may be interested in spicing up their harmony are generally pretty few and far between, and the ones that are, already have the ears/chops to do it on their own. it's much more about the words and melodies with that crowd anyway. also the vast majority are far more comfortable writing with a guitar in their hand or a piano in front of them: not in front of a DAW with an active internet connection!

- DJs!? interested in paying money to achieve more complex harmony!? that's a rare and elusive beast if ever i heard of one! (i'll call national geographic to do an in-depth feature when you find one...)

- bedroom prodoocerz... maybe, but they'll all wait for the crack!

sorry, i hope i'm not coming across as a jerk here, just pointing out a few serious flaws that should have been discussed in the "business plan" stage of this endeavor. if this software was re-purposed as a tablet and/or iphone app and sold for $4.99 it would make total sense as a fun/cool educational tool... and those devices are always connected to the network: many DAWs are not.

IMHO you have some serious re-tooling to do with this product.

cheers, and best of luck.